Best Steam Deck and ROG Ally SD Card Deals Right Now (July 2023)

Best Steam Deck and ROG Ally SD Card Deals Right Now (July 2023)

Save even more on extra storage.

Best Steam Deck and ROG Ally SD Card Deals Right Now (July 2023) - IGN Image

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Jul 24, 2023 3:35 pm


Jul 24, 2023 3:28 pm

Storage is one of the major concerns when it comes to owning a portable PC like the Steam Deck or ROG Ally. So, if you’re soon to be a new owner of either portable PC, you should absolutely consider getting a microSD card alongside and boosting that available storage up considerably.

TL;DR – Best Steam Deck SD Card Deals

While video game install sizes continue to balloon with every release (e.g. Mortal Kombat 1 will require 100GB), the maximum internal storage you can get on either device is just 512GB. Even then, not every buyer has opted for the beefiest device, and some are stuck with just a measly 64GB. Plus if you bought a bunch of games after the Steam Summer Sale, you’re going to need the storage to handle all those new installs.

Well have no fear, more storage is here. There are some excellent deals on SD cards at the moment, so we’ve collected together all our favorite options into one easy list for your convenience. Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and even Switch owners can get involved in these brand-new deals, (otherwise, check out our best Switch SD card deals breakdown as well).

For now, our favorite deal is definitely on the TeamGroup 512GB Micro SDXC card. This A2 classified card is the perfect companion for your portable PC, and could even double the storage you’ve got on your device. Plus, performance on these cards is excellent so you won’t see any significant dips compared to playing on the internal SSD. You can pick up the TeamGroup card for just $26.99 at Amazon right now, which is a great price vs the next best deal on the Samsung Evo Select for $34.99. This is also $2 less than the Prime Day price from a few weeks ago, so you’re absolutely bagging a bargain here. Otherwise, the 1TB is also at a great price for $62.99 right now as well.

TEAMGROUP A2 Pro Plus Card 512GB

Perfect for Steam Deck

TEAMGROUP A2 Pro Plus Card 512GB

What’s the Difference? A1 vs A2 Cards?

Download speeds are the critical factor with A1 vs A2 SD Cards on the Steam Deck or ROG Ally. Put simply, A2 cards perform better when directly downloading and installing a game to the card. A1 cards will still perform just as well while running games, but you’ll find yourself waiting significantly longer for the file downloads to finalize when first installing anything. If you’ve got speedy internet, this is important, as A2 SD cards will allow you to take full advantage of those download speeds and start gaming ASAP. Plus, these SD cards aren’t just for gaming, you can effectively use them across phones, tablets, cameras, and more as well.

Budget to Best: Steam Deck SD Card Deals

Samsung Evo Select 512GB

Perfect on Steam Deck

Samsung Evo Select 512GB

TeamGroup is a great SD card to consider, but if you want to opt for a better known brand, then we’ve got you covered there as well. These are the best of the rest SD Card deals for Steam Deck and ROG Ally. With how expensive gaming is getting in 2023, we’re trying to save you as much money as possible on the games and other tech you actually want to buy.

For more tips on the best Steam Deck or ROG Ally accessories, you can see our dedicated roundups on power banks, SD cards, and more. We’ve got great deal roundups available for all major platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox, and keep these updated daily with brand new offers. If you’re trying to keep costs down while maintaining your favorite hobby, stay tuned for more incredible discounts.

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