Murderer’s 999 call after killing his wife in Wallingford

Murderer’s 999 call after killing his wife in Wallingford

Wallingford killer Mihai Hurmuz-Irimia’s 999 phone call began with the chilling words: “Hello, I think I killed my wife.”

Prosecutors said the call was evidence of a man in control of himself; a murderer and not someone whose responsibility was diminished.

Following the guilty verdicts the police released the full recording of the shocking emergency call.

Printed below are some of the key passages from the 20 minute call.


Operator: Police emergency go ahead

Mihai Hurmuz-Irimia: Hello, I think I[‘ve] killed my wife

O: You think you’ve killed your wife?

MHI: Yeah


O: I’m going to get some help out there

MHI: I think I’m crazy

O: Why has this happened tonight?

MHI: I don’t know. I’m just – I got mental problems

O: Have you been diagnosed with anything?

MHI: Yeah, depression

O: Okay, so you stabbed her with a knife

MHI: Yeah, two knives actually.

O: Okay, and what type of knives are they?

MHI: Kitchen knives

O: Okay, so you’re saying that this has happened because, um, because you’re suffering from depression. Is that right?

MHI: Yes, I’ve got mental health problems really bad

O: Okay

O: Can you tell me whether she’s still breathing?

MHI: I don’t know. I don’t want to go near her

O: I just need you to tell me where those knives are. They’re not on you at the moment, are they?

MHI: One is in the kitchen […] and one is in the bedroom

O: So you had a shower since you stabbed her. Is that right?

MHI: Yeah

O: You say you stabbed her all over her body?

MHI: Yeah, in the neck mainly

O: Okay. As I say we’re going to – we’re organising help for you, okay?

MHI: Are they coming now?

O: They’re coming out already. Okay. Do you have –

MHI: How long they gonna be?

O: They’re going to come there as soon as they can, alright Mihai? So, they’re going to be with you as soon as they can

MHI: Okay

O: But I [will] stay with you until we get there, okay?

MHI: Yeah, I just want to stop suffering now.

MHI: I’ve asked my doctor before to scan my brain but he didn’t want to

O: You’ve asked your doctor what, sorry?

MHI: For a head scan, you know?

O: Okay

MHI: Told him my head is wrong but he didn’t want to know

MHI: Like my head was like ‘boom’

O: Really?

M: Yeah

O: Okay, and is that when you were doing it, you kind of blocked out – blacked out – is that right?

MHI: Yeah, it was like ‘do this’ and I can’t control it. That’s why I went to the doctor and said I need more help. I need a brain scan, you know?

MHI: I just wanna f***ing punished for what I did [sic]

O: I just don’t want you to be a danger to yourself or anyone else that’s there

MHI: I’m not a danger to anyone

O: Okay

MHI: Well, I am obviously to my wife but – but – but sometimes my head tells me to like go and put the cat in the microwave, you know?

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